Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Work at Home Customer Service Representative : Azuma Leasing

 Azuma Leasing is an Austin, Texas based appliance leasing company to homes and apartments. Azuma Leasing is currently looking for Remote Customer Service Representative from home to answer incoming and making outbound customer service phone calls. You will be responding to Vice President Customer Service of Azuma Leasing.

Online Customer Service Representative Job requirements:
- You must be disciplined, motivated, focused, independent,  troubleshoot and fix minor problems.
- Must have excellent typing and communication skills, punctuality and work ethics.
- Able to multitask between different windows.
- You should have updated computer, high speed ethernet internet connection
- You must have quiet home space to work from.
- You should have a USB headset with microphone and a mute button on it, must be operational while being hands-free.

If you are interested in applying for his Home based opportunity of Azure Leasing, click here

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Job lead posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2012.

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